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Mixed feelings dawned on Rarity as she tried to grasp her situation and regain her composure. Startled, tired, and somewhat embarrassed, she couldn't judge the situation immediately. Still in a state of shock, all she could mutter was, “Rainbow!”
“Rarity? What are you doing here?”

“What are YOU doing here?” Rarity accused, defensively. Not wanting her friend to know of her careless mistake of missing the weather announcement Rainbow herself had given.

Realizing just how awkward their position was, Rainbow withdrew herself and allowed the startled unicorn to come to her feet. Regaining some of her composure as she slowly stood on her still unstable legs, Rarity’s eyes darted towards the ground, fixating on a knot in the ancient floor boards. A now suspicious Rainbow Dash calmly grew more and more curious as she noticed Rarity was avoiding eye contact. Disrupting the silence and answering the question Rarity had posed she replied, “Well, I was out watching the progress of the blizzard, making sure Derpy didn't mess things up again. After last week’s tornado incident I wasn't about to let this go unchecked. That’s when I saw a light in here. This place has been abandoned for ages! I was actually expecting a ghost, but instead I find a pony who looks like she’s seen one.”

Rarity could barely comprehend the response. She did, however, realize that her friend could tell she was in a state of shock. Limerence was now overshadowing her will to impress the pony from her dreams. She longed to speak to her friend but the words wouldn't form in the cloudy shambles of her mind. Her hind legs gave out and she was now sitting on the dusty floor, still struggling to piece together a sentence.

“You OK, Rarity? I didn't mean to scare you like that.” Dropping to a sweeter tone and nuzzling the disconcerted unicorn, she continued, “Now why don’t you tell me what you’re doing in a place like this.”

Feeling the warm embrace, the corners of her mouth curled skyward and she regained the strength to stand. Her thoughts less cloudy as her heart rate slowed from the comfort her friend offered. Frantically thinking of a way to avoid the telling of her mishap, she replied, “If you MUST know, I got caught in this horrid snow storm looking for Opal. The poor dear wandered off just before the clouds came. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her outside cold and alone.” Self-admittedly it wasn't her best excuse, but it seemed to satisfy Rainbow who immediately offered to brave the storm and look for her.

“No! That…That’s quite alright.” Rarity almost shuddered as she realized she seemed almost desperate to keep Rainbow Dash in the house. Immediately trying to correct her mistake, “The darling simply must learn not to leave the house without her mama, even if it does have to be the hard way. Besides, you can’t see five feet in front of your hooves out there.”
Thankfully, Rainbow seemed to buy the explanation, making her way towards the fire place to warm her frozen wings. Stretching them in front of the blaze encouraging the last snowflakes that clung to her to melt away. As Rarity watched from the entrance of their temporary shelter, she allowed herself to savor the pegasus’ stunning features. Every inch of her was a blissful mystery. The tone build of her legs and wings was enough to make Rarity’s mouth gape. Her fur was glistening in the firelight as she basked in the warmth it offered. Rarity bit her lower lip to keep from squealing with delight. Thrilled to see the pony she dreamt about outside of her thoughts for once, and all alone. She still couldn't fight falling back into an erotic trance.

“I hope you don’t mind me coming in, I might as well warm up before I check the rest of town. It’s hard to walk when the snow is this deep, and it’s almost impossible to fly with ice in your feathers.”

The words were a faint buzz to Rarity, whose mind once again fixated on her recurring dream, the memory becoming jumbled in her hazy mind.

Her lips pressed against those of the pony she secretly admired, the warmth of her own hoof against her forehead, her glazed expression warmly reflected in the eyes of her partner, her heart pounding with the sexual excitement, a reassuring hoof brushing her mane from her face revealing a bashful smile as she exposed herself to the pony only inches away.
“…Rarity? RARITY!!!” Rainbow brightly exclaimed breaking the grip the dream had taken on her friend. Noticing the goofy smile that had rooted itself in Rarity’s expression and the quiet, high pitched whines she was unknowingly emitting she began to question the stability of her friend. “Are you sure you’re ok?” She asked playfully, stepping away from the fire and closer to her friend who was shaking with excitement. Rainbow placed a hoof on her vibrating counterpart which succeeded in stopping the tremors that plagued her.

“I’m fine. Never been better I should say!” Beamed a delighted Rarity. Regardless of her dreary surroundings the gorgeous pegasus in front of her kept her smiling.

“Riiiiight. If you say so.” Still confused as to what had her friend so bother, she removed her hoof and jumped onto the couch situated in front of the fire. A cloud of dust rising from the worn cushions despite her more than graceful landing. Letting out an airy yawn she accidently inhaled some of the chalky particles. Sputtering she invited Rarity to join her. Carefully picking a spot she had previously cleaned, she sat beside her friend still beaming from her dream.
“We should probably get out of here as soon as possible you know. Somepony is bound to get suspicious, just like I did. It won’t be as easy to explain breaking into a house to someone else,” Rainbow suggested tilting her head towards the wooden door. "I should probably go now, but I can't leave you here all alone."

“Ah… O-Of course, Thank you,” Rarity muttered. Her grin melted as she realized her hold on her friend’s presence wasn’t permanent, although she wished it had been.

“I say we head out when the winds die down. I’ll walk you home,” Rainbow said with a smile.

She frantically weighed her options, she could either wait out the storm and sleep in her own bed and in an atmosphere better suited for a unicorn such as herself, or stay in this abandoned home with the pony she had such strong feelings for. She desperately longed to let her friends know of her true feelings. However the words wouldn’t come together. In desperation to give a response she said only, “Of Course.”

“Well, in the meantime I’m going to get some shut eye. You got any blankets in this place?” Though Rarity hadn’t yet looked for any, a devilish thought crossed her mind. “There aren’t any blankets, but if you’re cold we can cuddle to share warmth.” Before she could stop herself she added, “Noponys wathching.” Again angry at herself for being so rash, she turned her head away reticently and thought to herself. ‘You must be joking, you’ve been with her for less than ten minutes and you’re already turning her away.’

A glint of surprise flashed across Rainbow’s face as she received such a strange offer. However with the fire’s heat not fully reaching the couch, she brushed all insecurities aside. “Anything beats the cold. The storm has to be finished by tomorrow. We’ll leave bright and early!” Yawning again, and curling up with the unicorn, the sleepy pegasus’ eyes immediately shut. Before she was swept away into her deep sleep, she muttered something to the likeness of, “Goodnight.”

Resting next to the warm Pegasus beside her, smiling inside and out, Rarity was overly thrilled, almost fainting when Rainbow had agreed. Being this close to the one she loved made her crave even more. The slightest brush of her flank would have set her over the edge. Secretly watching her crush sleep as her stunning chest moved up and down with each deep breath, she soon became aware of her own fatigue. Pressing as much of her body against Rainbows as she could, she closed her eyes and drifted back into her fantasy filled wonderland.

Her horn casting a blue glow on her surroundings as she stifled screams of delight as the warmest part her body was wet with pleasure, Her forelegs thrown around the pony that made her feel this way, Her own teeth tempting to bite through her lower lip as she struggled to hold back.

Silence. Both ponies instantly awoke to silence. No sunlight casting rays through the dusty air, no noise of the town they found themselves in, nothing but silence. Although they were both wide awake and could easily tell by how well rested they were that it was inarguably morning outside, none of the tell-tale signs were noticeable. Even with snow Derpy would still be giving her daily mail call, the fillies would still have school, and everyone would try to go about their day. Silence.

Almost frantically, the same idea came to both ponies at once. Rushing to the door, they each took a deep breath to prepare them for what they might see. Rainbow dash, taking initiative, grabbed the handle of the heavy wooden door and closed her eyes as she pulled the door towards her. Wearily opening one eye, her worst suspicions were confirmed, Rarity was already staring in astonishment.

They were greeted with an seemingly impenetrable wall of deafening snow.

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