Comabat RolePlaying and Training (CRPT)

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Comabat RolePlaying and Training (CRPT) Empty Comabat RolePlaying and Training (CRPT)

Post  Solar112 on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:36 pm

Title says most of it.

RULES(More will be added as seen fit.):
1. You must use REAL WEAPONS(This includes prototypes and discontinued production weapons.)
3. You may have only 3(THREE) weapons. Pistol(Ex. M1911), Main armament(Ex. AR-18)(May have 1 under barrel attachment, assuming the gun supports it.), and other(Ex. LSAT).
4. No killing, only "killing".

A person wins when all others are disqualified.
1 shot to arms or legs Disables the leg or arm shot. You may not use a disabled arm or leg. 2 shots to the chest "kills" the person shot. 1 shot to the head "Kills" the person shot.

The battle will be held on a small island off the coast of Sicily called Malta.
A map of the island is available here: or here

Let the games begin.

*Puts on Soviet military uniform*
*Places Makarov in holster*
*Rests AN-94 on his chest with a GP-30 mounted under it's barrel*
*Places 4 RGOs in the left side of service belt*
*Slings OSV-96 over his back*
*Jumps in T-90*
*Sings Марш защитников Москвы*
*Starts T-90's engine*
за Родину!
(za Rodinu!)
{For the Motherland!}
Танки вперед!
(Tanki vpered!)
{Tanks forth!}

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Comabat RolePlaying and Training (CRPT) Empty Re: Comabat RolePlaying and Training (CRPT)

Post  Daynel on Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:59 am

*puts on Bullet-proof bear suit with powered exoskeleton for arms and legs underneath*
*puts Smith & Wesson Model 500 in holster*
*equips Stoner LMG*
*puts Barrett 50 Cal on back*
*jumps into M1A12 Abrams tank*
*inserts CD with "Ride of the Valkyries"*
*starts tank engine and gets ready for battle*

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